House Concerts

House concerts are probably my favorite type of concert to play. 

A House concert is what it sounds like: and night of original music in the intimate, comfortable environment of someone's home or backyard. It is often a casual gathering of family and friends coming together to hear a private performance of my original songs and the stories behind them. As a performer, I love house concerts because I get to share my songs with people who really want to be there to hear the music (instead of me playing background music in a noisy bar). I also get to connect with audience members in a much deeper, personal way than I could at a traditional venue. Because to focus is on building  that connection between performer and listener (instead of focusing on getting the maximum number of people through the doors) the result is a memorable, high quality, very personal and intimate experience. I've attended many house concerts, and as a music fan, it is such a unique and special way to see some amazingly talented performers and really appreciate the meaning of the songs they put so much work into crafting. 

I'm interested...what would be involved in hosting a house concert?
You and pick a date that works for both of us, and then you get to invite your friends and family to a really fun and unique kind of gathering. You know the best way to let them know about the event, but I recommend using a combination of facebook events, email, and texting. (I will even help make a flyer for you to share with your invitees!   Depending on your hosting style, you could tell guests to bring a dish to share and make it a potluck, bring some wine for a wine, cheese, and music night (just a few ideas). House concerts are meant to be a relaxed gathering of people you like, so there is no expectation that you get your entire town to the event. 

How many people should be there? I don't have a big house...
The magic of house concerts is their personal, intimate nature. There could be anywhere from 15-60 people there. And because you're hosting it, you get to decide who you invite! I will make a point to say that the event is private, and not open to the public. If i do have a friend or fan in your area who wants to come see me play, I will always run that by you first, so there is no worries about strangers coming to your house. 

Does it cost money to have you come play at a house concert?
No, you do don't have to pay me a "fee" or anything like that to come play. House Concerts usually work on a donation basis to help cover the costs of traveling, touring. Any donation is a valuable contribution in helping to sustain an artist and enable them to continue making their music. In the invitation, let people know that you will be collecting a suggested donation of $10-$20 (depending on how many performers are coming, how long the event is, etc) though no one should be turned away if they can't give. Most often, this is collected during a break in the music, where you "pass the hat" and say a few words as to the purpose of collecting the donation.  Donations could also be collected at the door when people arrive or at the end of the show. 

I'm in! What's the first step?
 You can fill out this form  below, or just shoot me an email at and we will start looking at dates! I will be available throughout the planning process, so don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns.
 I can't wait to come sing for you :-)